Friday, March 19, 2010

We made it

Hello. I´m in El Salvador now, at the guest house where the group of 23 we are staying. San Salvador is a beautiful city, surrounded by mountains, although, not mountains like we´re used to in Denver. So far everything as been smooth. Today is a big day. We´re going to the University and will hear one of the giants of liberation theology speak ' Jon Sobrino. Yesterday we learned about the history of the country and US involvement over the years...especially the massive amounts of military aid given during their civil war. The saddest comment by the presenter was that things have not changed with the new administration. They had great hopes that the foreign policy of the US would substantially change...


mckeester said...

The disappointment you are encountering (about the lack of significant foreign policy change with the current Administration) was also expressed frequently during our recent trip to the West Bank/Palestine/Israel. Nonetheless, I witnessed abundant evidences of Hope at the grassroots level. I'll be interested to learn if that is also true in El Salvador.
May your journey continue to be a Blessing!
Susan (McKee)

Sir Jon said...

I will be using an Oscar Romero quote in my sermon tomorrow in honor of you and your witness in El Salvador David. God bless and Peace be with you.

Jon Wallace