Sunday, March 21, 2010

For more on the trip

I am not having time to blog regularly with 24 people using one slow computer during the one or two hours we are not busy '
However, there is a blog being kept by the whole group and I encourage you to visit it for more information on what we are doing

I will just let you know, I am doing well. The accomodations are sufficient and not having hot water is NOT a problem. The weather is not too hot, but it´s hot enough! The experiences we are having are priceless. Last night we walked in a candlelight procession to the Cathedral, after hearing the president of El Salvador address the crowd. Everyone marveled because that has never happened before. I walked two feet away from him during part of the procession. Really cool. Today we drove out of the capitol a few hours to a mountain village where they are trying to keep a mining company out. Very interesting international tale, and learning alot about CAFTA. Tomorrow we go out into the country again.

Thank you for your prayers. We are well and learning a lot.

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