Thursday, May 10, 2012

We have voted to stay

Some of you may have been following our church's conversations and deliberation about whether to stay in our building and invest or move and share space with another congregation.  We asked these questions not out of desperation but to make an intentional choice about how to spend our resources - recognizing the religious world has changed and is changing rapidly around all mainline churches.

In the end, a majority of the congregation voted to remain in our building and to be more intentional about using our building as an asset to the community - a base from which to do mission.  We also value the 32 year relationship with Temple Micah.  Staying means investing - fixing deferred maintenance and evaluating our worship space for the 21st century.

Come be our guest and learn more about the exciting things happening in ministry here.  Welcome!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is Someone Else Pulling Your Strings?

“There is something in every one of you
that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself.
It is the only true guide you will ever have.
And if you cannot hear it,
you will all of your life spend your days on the ends of strings
that somebody else pulls.”

-Howard Thurman

Be Alive Until You Are Not

The singular and cheerful life
of any flower
in anyone’s garden
or any still unowned field–

if there are any –
catches me
by the heart,
by its color,

by its obedience
to the holiest of laws:
be alive
until you are not.

-from “The Singular and Cheerful Life,” by Mary Oliver