Friday, May 7, 2010

How the ARENA feel about women

Among the shocking things that came out of the mouth of the AREA party congressman:

"We will always have poor people because 70% of our people are raised by their mother. The father goes away. Each woman has 5-7 children by 3 different men. The quality of our citizens is lower because of single mothers. They are the reason for our under-development.

He also complained that "Lady Judges" let too many criminals go. And that women don't want to be in political office. The FMLN, opposition party, requires that 40% of their delegates must be women, but most do not speak in the Assembly and are not helpful."

Our group left this meeting with our mouths hanging open - for many more reasons than just this one. He actually sounded like someone reading the script of Fox News commentators with the exception that ARENA isn't seeking to make El Salvador an "English Only" country.

Make sure you read the previous post to get the whole picture.

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